Profresource offers road- , air- , railway- and sea freight accompanied with customs clearance, storage, legal support and other services for your convenience. Well-developed network and strong partnerships with domestic and international partners lets us find solutions for complex multimodal routes and transport through Europe, Russia and Asia fast and in accordance with all cross-border regulations.

We are responsible for technical and legal issues when building logistics for you. Dealing with certification, invoices and goods declarations, we achieve accuracy and coherence to avoid delays or confusion. We understand that time is of great value for our customers.

Whenever you contact us, we will inform you on the details and state of your order. With Profresource you will never be disregarded or uncertain on where your goods are.
We can find a properly equipped warehouse for your goods in suitable locations. Whether it is something fragile, expensive or is a dangerous substance, we will organize the necessary storage facilities. 

Profresource Company is proud of its professional managers, well informed about logistics in both technical and legal operations. Together with reliable long-term partners in Russia and abroad, we are flexible and adaptive for your needs.