When a transportation scheme includes more than one type of vehicles, we call it a multimodal freight. For example, when a customer wants to move something to a port by sea and then to have it delivered by auto to a warehouse of their company. 

We are careful at every transit point controlling loading and unloading processes thoroughly. In cooperation with forwarding agents and infrastructure managers in numerous cities and countries we ensure that inaccuracies will not happen during transfer of goods between our representatives.

Using several types of vehicles does not necessarily make transportation more expensive. Due to local geographical or infrastructure benefits the price may even be reduced. 

Profresource experts choose reliable and most cost-effective combinations for our customers.

Different documents (declarations, invoices, package lists) are to be formed, filled or presented when using each type of freight. We keep that in mind when developing a route for your goods. Correct certification is our priority to avoid delays or other inconveniences. Contact us to find out about terms, prices and transportation schemes to suit your needs.