We offer effective ways to transport any volumes of goods to a destination required. We adhere to a rational approach in filling containers with cargo to avoid excess costs, while remaining careful with choosing options of transportation. We can consult you whether something is to be moved in specific conditions like using Flat-Rack or refrigerated containers.

In cooperation with key ports of Russia and the world we organize reliable shipping by sea, but not only. Water is rarely the whole way, so we offer stevedoring and transitioning to other types of haulage in order to control the safety of your consignment as long as needed. We will provide you with the information on your cargo whenever you contact our managers.

In-depth knowledge of certification enables us to take responsibility of all customs clearance activities, logistical & documentation processes making sure there will be no delays in our delivery. 

Contact us, so we can build a maritime or multimodal route for you, choosing most suitable vessels and dealing with CY-CY, CFS-CFS or other types of sea freight.